Monday, August 29, 2011

Wrapping up ten weeks -- real "Worm Flu" hits the fan

Since getting my tooth filled back on August 10, it seems my 25 Necator americanus friends have had a rough time of it and my immune system has been back to its boffo self. I have been very tired. I notice this particularly in a desire to sleep in mornings. I'm sure it will be getting better, but I've had a few days of being quite exhausted. It comes and it goes. In no way do I feel as terrible as I did before getting inoculated and that's a major relief. It's kind of horrifying to realize how bad I felt all the time.

The redness of my eyes that I noticed started right when I was inoculated is also coming and going. The redder my eyes, the more my hookworm buddies seem to be doing their thing. So now I'm actually happy to look in the mirror and see that redness when I'm feeling good. I had a day of feeling quite fantastic a few days ago and I'm hoping to see my worms getting better and better.

My daughter is doing pretty well. She's had a few bad days. We've probably been too liberal with the food experimentation, but it's very hard when the poor kid has spent years dying to eat like a normal person, especially after months of eating nothing but soy pancakes. It's interesting, her primary food incursion symptom presents as extreme grumpiness and agitation. She's not consciously aware of being in pain, instead she becomes hypersensitive and very irritable. But overall, she's doing quite well. I'm so looking forward to seeing if she gets major traction in the ability to eat. I'm so happy to see that she's willing to eat and experiment and she's not afraid of eating most of the things that have been no-nos for her. She has told me repeatedly that she feels her appetite is much better. She's also sleeping well, which indicates lower levels of pain. She's grown since being inoculated, her feet are much bigger than they were two months ago. Considering she's eight and a half years old and wearing toddler size shoes, this is no small thing.

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  1. It was wonderful to read your post and especially hearing your daughter's feet grew. Who would have thought that it would become a blessing in your life. Your kids are so fortunate to have their blessings in their mom.