Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25, 2012 -- saved myself for last

First and foremost, my allergies are significantly reduced from last year. I'm still taking medication, but having no breakthrough symptoms yet. Now, this is a freaky allergy year, a very freaky one, because everything has been accelerated by at least four to six weeks. April 15 used to be the highwater of my misery and who knows when it's going to hit now, thanks to the bizarrely hot temperatures we had starting in February. But overall, there has definitely been a significant improvement. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out for the next three months, since oak pollen is my worst allergen of all. It has already started tinting everything it falls on chartreuse. We shall see what happens. I hope this means it will also be over sooner rather than later.

One thing I noticed since topping off was a lot more intestinal pain from my new friends than I had on my initial inoculation. I started with twenty-five and only added ten more, but I noticed a lot more pain, specifically a burning sensation around my umbilicus that would last for a minute or two. It never lasted more than five minutes at the very most. I've had no real diarrhea at all from hookworm.

My hypothyroidism seems to have gotten better because I have been able to cut the amount of Armour that I use in half after supplementing with selenium and iodine. I don't know how much of that is from helminths. I have taken selenium before and it never had that effect. Now I'm taking it ever other day and my thyroid seems to be doing a lot better. No return of short or long term deficiency symptoms.

My anxiety is still significantly reduced from pre-inoculation. Things just do not bother me the way that they did. I really feel as though my anxiety just completely vanished with the first inoculation. It is a great feeling after dealing with a lot of anxiety my entire life. Just that alone makes the treatment worthwhile for me, personally. It really makes me wonder how profoundly systemic inflammation affects the quality of our lives and how severe it can be without us even necessarily being aware of it. I saw that I had inflammation all over my body -- in my hands and feet, my arms and legs and I don't doubt that I have it elsewhere, aside from my chronically inflamed upper airway.

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