Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some thoughts and a quick update at the end of Week 3

I had an interesting and exciting thought today -- how much this therapy could potentially help all the people who are practically crippled with the fatigue and malaise of adrenal fatigue and how adrenal fatigue is probably yet another autoimmune disease given that the major treatment (if one can get any treatment) is steroids. Are they replacing the anti-inflammatories the adrenals themselves should be making or are they suppressing the autoimmune disease that's destroying the adrenals? I wonder if we're not seeing a whole new variety of autoimmune adrenal disease, similar to but not identical to Addison's to join all the other up and coming forms of autoimmune pathology. I also wonder that Addison's is only diagnosed when virtually all function of the adrenals is gone whereas most autoimmune disease is chronic and progressive over many years. Most autoimmune disease doesn't see the complete destruction of the affected organ instantaneously. Even in Type I diabetes, some pancreatic function can be preserved if it's treated in time and it takes considerable time for the complete loss of insulin production.

I am still feeling pretty darned good, which is a huge improvement over three weeks ago. I'm more tired than I was a week ago, but my productivity is pretty good and I slept very well last night, not really waking up to check the clock even one time. I made a laundry list of symptoms I've been dealing with for a long time and all of them are better, three weeks into this experiment. My heat intolerance is much, much better as I've noticed in the 100F+ temps we had yesterday and today. I'm waking at six a.m. now to get my son on the school bus for summer school and it's a lot easier than back on June 17. I've had very minor transient abdominal pain that sort of felt like a pinching sensation that only lasted for a few minutes.

My daughter is doing very well. She said she's more tired than usual, but she's sleeping better and her overall mood is greatly improved. We see a significant decrease in the anxiety she has to deal with all the time. I can hardly wait for the next nine weeks to go by for her to be able to trial some foods.

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  1. How awesome! I agree that maybe you were experiencing the onset of an autoimmune disease and that stopping it before it destroys the target organ is optimal. I am in that sad place now where my target endocrine organ is most likely destroyed and it's in the brain where regeneration is not the norm. Hopefully my children will be able to get helminths before they get the same disease! Best of luck to you and I hope the worms fix all you family's health problems. That would be a true miracle.