Saturday, July 16, 2011

Worm Flu Starts to Set In (maybe?) 26 days past inoculation

After feeling fantastic for a longer period than I can ever remember 16 days in a row? 17?) , I am now starting to feel a bit tired. It might be not getting enough sleep, because I have to get up at six a.m. or earlier every day and I'm not getting to sleep by nine p.m., which would be optimal -- it's more like by 11 or later every day. I feel a bit draggy, but not really bad at all -- just tired. I should get to bed earlier, but life is complicated when you have kids to take care of. I know the worm flu will peak in about 16 days, but I guess it has to start somewhere.

My little girl is doing incredibly well. She is more tired too, but we are thrilled by the changes in her. She doesn't really seem to have any pain at all as opposed to the chronic pain she's lived with her entire life. Her appetite is up. She is very happy pretty much all the time. She told me yesterday, "I'm eating a lot faster, did you notice?" She has always been an extremely slow eater. I weighed her yesterday afternoon and the scale was three pounds higher (48.2) than when we went to CA, less than a month ago. That's not to say she's actually gained three pounds, but the scale was higher than it's ever been and finally higher than it was back in the end of January, before her big EE flare, when she stopped eating and drinking completely because she was in so much pain.

Recently I feel tiny pinching sensations in my tummy right under my ribs. I'm wondering if it's the worms getting settled in. It only hurts a little bit and usually for a few seconds.

The fatigue for me now is really light duty compared to what I've been through in the last eight years. We got our PhDs and post docs in sleep deprivation in our house, thanks to sick kids. You haven't lived as a zombie until you've gone almost a year living on less than four hours a night of sleep to the point of having hallucinations as you sit in a stupor, unable to complete a sentence. So this report on the fatigue is an observation and not even close to being a complaint.

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